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Islam (Lausanne Movement)

A brief overview of Islam in the current world situation.

The Insider Movement (George Houssney)

In this position paper for "Biblical Missiology" Houssney describes the insider movement and identifies positive aspects. However, the bulk of the paper is a critique of the insider movement.

Carlos Martin explains why C5 constitutes unacceptable syncretism, with cultural contextualisation being confused with religious contextualisation. C5 refers to communities of Muslim believers who maintain their Islamic identity, committed to the 5 pillars of Islam. Martin considers texts often cited in support of C5 strategy, namely 1 Cor 7:20; 9:19-22; and Acts 15:19, and shows that they do not in fact do so. He makes much of the demand for separation from 2 Cor 6:14-17, given that it has to do with believers from pagan backgrounds continuing to worship in their former context. Islam denies the doctrine of the Trinity, the deity of Christ, the crucifixion of Jesus and believes salvation is by merit and not by grace, that Muhammad is Allah’s prophet and that the Bible has been corrupted. Martin insists, “Remaining in Islam is not a viable option for ‘followers of Isa’ with a high view of Scripture.”

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During his time in Pakistan Warren Larson observed how Muslims, especially women, sought supernatural help from visiting the tomb’s of pirs (saints). He goes on to illustrate villagers fear of the jinn and some of the preventative measures adopted to avoid their attacks. He notes various practices employed to ward off evil, e.g. amulets containing Quranic verses, inscribing the names of Allah, use of the hand of Fatima, etc. He describes divination practices, views about days that are deemed to be lucky or dangerous, and speaks about the fear of curses and the evil eye/

Missionary and Polemical Islam (John Azumah)


The Challenge of Radical Islam (John Azumah)

Azumah seeks to address the question as to what constitutes the essence of Islam and, while recognising that Muslim societies have clear problems, states his conclusion that Islam as such is not the problem.

This issue of Issues in Christian Education presents a range of articles dealing with historical, doctrinal and ministry issues concerning Christian-Muslim relationships.

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