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Ronald Koteskey defines culture stress, distinguishes it from culture shock, identifies causes and results and recommends ways of managing it.

In a post entitled “The Significance of Being a Phoenix’s Tail” Jackson Wu takes up the well-known Chinese idiom, “I’d rather be a chicken’s head than the tail of a phoenix.” This is similar to being a “big fish in a small pond.” He discusses two primary ways in which missionaries might confuse status with significance: (1) Networking; (2) Statistics.

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In this article Aidan Sammons does not deal with the phenomenon of "culture shock" or "culture stress" as such. Rather, it is a study of what different cultures perceive as stressful.

Jerry Jones has produced some excellent “quality conversation starters for families crossing cultures.” This tool is especially aimed at helping family members to process together what they are experiencing “as foreigners with hearts in at least two places.” He comments, “I WANT them to say it out loud and I want them to hear me do the same. I want to know what my family is thinking about our experience. I want insight into how my kids process our travels and transitions and our bumbling mistakes as we figure out what normal looks like time and time again.”


This is a resource that is also highly valuable for churches that send our families to engage in cross-cultural mission. Similarly, missionary support teams and committed individual supporters will find this very helpful.

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