Islamic Religious Education and the Debate on its Reform

Abdullah Saeed attempts to counter the common assumption that there is a strong link between terrorist acts and Islamic religious education in general. Here i summarise his arguments but also add some comments that demonstrate that unreformed Islamic religious education will contribute significantly to an environment in which, given other agreeable circumstances, violence will be inevitable.

Islam and the West: Containing the Rage

Amin Saikal is not hopeful of a stable world order, doubting that many Muslims and Westerners will be able to contain their anger towards each other. Saikal discusses Western views of Islam and Muslims. He discriminates between different types of Muslims and describes their respective attitudes. Unfortunately, he concentrates somewhat one-sidedly on the anger of Muslims towards the West, which he seems to regard as fully warranted. Self-criticism is lacking.

New Adventures in Da'wah. Calling Christians to Islam in Today's World

In this book Aziz Anderson claims to persuaded some Christians to 'revert' to Islam. Indeed, he even claims that Jesus (Isa) himself led him to Islam through a vision. Anderson's book is full of advice to Muslims of what to avoid in seeking to convert Christians. His approach is idiosyncratic. He parts company with mainstream Islamic thought and Quranic interpretation at key points, especially as one who accepts that Jesus did in fact die on the cross. He also accepts that the commonly used Gospel of Barnabas is a fraud. Christians will be interested in this attempt to train Muslims in evangelising Christians and in Anderson's attempt at Muslim apologetics.

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