Anvil: Journal of Theology and Mission (CMS)

Asian Missions Advance: The Official Bulletin of the Asia Missions Association 

Asian Nation: Asian American History, Demographics & Issues

Biblical Missiology: Articles and Resources for Mission

Calvary Missions Resource Connection: Information and Resources for Missionaries, Pastors and Senders

Chinese Ministry: Understanding and Reaching Mainland Chinese

The Cultural Reader: Article Summaries and Reviews in Cultural Studies

culture at work: Helping Cross-Cultural Organisations Negotiate, Create and Learn

Currents in Theology and Mission: A Lutheran Journal

djchuang: Information to Grow and Build Multiethnic Churches and Ministries

Emmanuel Gospel Center: Strengthening Christian Leaders to Serve Urban Communities Characterised by Diversity

Encounters: A Mission Journal from Redcliffe College

ethnic harvest: Resources for Multicultural Ministry

Evangelical Missions Quarterly: Published by the Billy Graham Center for Evangelism at Wheaton College

evangelism and new churches: Promoting Evangelism and Establishing New Churches in Sydney's Multicultural Context

Global Missiology: A Quarterly Publication of Contributions from International Researchers, Practitioners and Scholars

The Indian Down Under: All Things Indian for the Indian Community in Australia

International Journal of Frontier Missiology: Missiological Articles

Journal of Global Christianity: The Journal of Training Leaders International

Missiological Blogger: The Reflections of Adam Hoffman 

Missiologically Thinking: Missiological Posts by J.D. Payne

Missiology (Christianity Today): Wide Variety of Articles

Missiology Blog (Intervarsity): Wide Variety of Posts Resources for Mission Education A Gateway for the Study of Christian Missions

Missionalia: Publication by South African Missiological Society

Mission Matters: A Series of Occasional Papers on Contemporary Issues in World Mission

Multicultural Ministry Matters: The Thoughts of Kamal Weerakoon

Multi-Language Media: Foreign Language Christian Resources

Multicultural Toolkit: Recognising Vast and Inescapable Cultural Differences; Improving Cultural Competence

Rethinking Mission: Aims to Stimulate New thinking About the Theology of Mission

Sedos (Service of Documentation and Study on Global Mission) Bulletin: A Catholic Journal on Mission

Southern Baptist Journal of Missions and Evangelism: Published Annually by the Billy Graham School of Missions, Evangelism and Ministry