Video Resources

on Animism

Animism: Explained (Minute Faith: Spirit Studios)

Shamanism Explained (Minute Faith, Spirit Studios)

Birth of Voodoo (National Geographic)

"Beyond Belief": The Resurgence of Taoism

Protective Amulets Provided to Monks by Dalai Lama - interview with Tsering Tashi

Abu Nadeer. Signs & Symptoms: Evil Eye & Envy (Muslim Perspective)

Spirit Houses - Thailand

Afa (Ifa) Divination: Togo, West Africa

"Qi Yue" (7th Month) Hungry Ghost Festival

Seventh Month Ghost Festival in Teochew

Feng Shui - The Invisible Force

Child Sacrifice

Ganga Ma - Mother Ganges

Pilgrimage of Swede Anders Kapp: Immersion in Hindu animism

Pilgrimage to Keelkanth Temple

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