A Bank Manager's Greatest Investment Advice: The Conversion of Bakht Singh

In 1929 a man named Bakht Singh returned from India to Canada to complete his training in agricultural engineering. There he met a bank manager, Owel Hansen. “Mr. Hansen was different from the other people Bakht Singh met; he seemed happy; his face was always shining. Bakht Singh longed to know what made Hansen happy, so he asked him… Hansen replied that his happiest experience was when he received the Lord Jesus Christ as his personal saviour. Bakht Singh asked Hansen for a New Testament.” Bakht Singh confessed, “These very hands have torn up a Bible. These very lips have blasphemed against Christ. But for the last eighteen months I have had a great love for the Lord Jesus. I love his name, which sounds so sweet to me. But I do not know yet anything about His life and teaching.” T. E. Koshy, Bakht Singh of India: The Incredible Account of a Modern-Day Apostle (InterVarsity Press, 2008) 30-32.


Bakht Singh read this New Testament continually for three days and then wonderfully experienced the Lord’s forgiveness. Bakht Singh eventually “returned to India after being discipled by a strong Christian family” where “he started a movement that ledd tens of thousands of people to Jesus.” Katie J. Rawson, Crossing Cultures with Jesus (IVP, 2015) 31.

The Missing Gift

“While working in Saudi Arabia, my house was visited by one of my colleagues, Arun. He was an electrical engineer from India, a Hindu who lived in Dallas, Texas, for 35 years. While sitting in my living room, he noticed books on Islam, especially The Traditions of Mohammad. He asked, ‘If you’re a Christian, why do you keep these books?’ He told me that he had read all nine volumes of The Traditions of Mohammad.

“I was surprised! These were expensive and not easily accessible items in the market. Adding to my surprise, Arun told me of his Lebanese neighbour in Texas who had purchased this set of books and given them to Arun as a gift for Christmas.


“‘Have you ever read the Bible?’ I asked Arun.

“‘No,’ he replied. ‘Nobody has ever given me one.’


"Why is it that on Christmas Eve, this Muslim, a foreigner, found a gift of his sacred books, bought them and gave them as a present to a Hindu neighbour, while no one has presented a single Bible to the Hindu neighbour in 35 years. He was overlooked by people who had been given the Great Commission."


Khurram Kham, “The Comprehensive Commission” in Issues in Christian Education 34/3 (Winter 2000) 4.

The Missing Care?

While Randall Duncan was talking with Muslim friends, one of them blurted out, “I don’t get you Christians. You think Muslims are stupid! We are not stupid. We know how you will teach us English and give us food. But we also know whether or not you really care for us. Christians don’t care for us; they only want to conquer us! Instead of a sword, they use ‘niceness.’”


“Mission and Ministry Among Muslims” in Issues in Christian Education 34/3 (Winter 2000) 18.

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