SIM (Serving in Mission) Australia: This is the agency in which Mike Wilson serves as Church Engagement Coordinator. Africa, Latin America & Asia. Commenced in 1893 as Sudan Interior Mission.

Arab Vision: Arab Christians proclaiming the Gospel on TV and internet in the Arab World.

Artists in Christian Testimony International: Founded by Byron Spradlin. Mobilising ministry-hearted artists and creatives for global mission.

Australian Presbyterian World Mission: Global missions arm of the Presbyterian Church of Australia. Partners with various Presbyterian churches in other nations and with specialist mission agencies.

Caleb Foundation for South Asia: South Asia. Supports pastors, provides schools, builds multi-purpose church buildings, etc.

Centre for Biblical Preaching: Director: Michael Raiter (former Principal, Melbourne School of Theology). Trains expository preachers in Australia and other countries.

CMS Australia: Founded 1799 by Anglican evangelicals, including John Newton and William Wilberforce.

Ethnos360: Founded in 1942 as New Tribes Mission.

European Christian Mission: Founded In 1920 by Ganz Raud. Plants churches across Europe.

Frontiers: Mission to reach Muslims.

Global Interaction (Australia): Began as the Australian Baptist Mission in 1864. Partners with Australian Baptist missionaries.

Global Recordings Network (Australia): Founded 1939. Equips Christians with audio (visual) resources in more than 6000 languages and dialects.

Growing Global Churches: Helps local churches to develop their involvement in global mission. Founding Director: Richard Utber.

Horizons International: Particular foci on international student ministry and Muslim ministry.

International Council of Ethnodoxologists: A network for culturally appropriate worship. Equips disciples in every culture to express their faith through their own heart music and other arts.

International Nepal Fellowship: Established 1952. Nepal's longest-serving international non-government organisation.

International Teams (Australia): The first team handed out over 100,000 pieces of literature in India. Serves marginalised people in urban centres of the world.

Interserve (Australia): Asia and the Arab world. The mission with which Mike Wilson served in Pakistan.

Kairos: Began in the Philippines in 1994 as the Condensed World Mission Course (especially drawing on the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement) and is now used in over 30 nations.

Logoslife International: Began in Australia in 1902 to provide administrative and home care support to missionaries on the field.  

Missions Interlink (NSW): The Australian network for global missions.

Missionary Ventures (Australia): Sends out short-term mission teams in the Asia Pacific. Began in 1982 with a team sent to Guatemala.

OMF (Australia): East Asia. Founded by James Hudson Taylor, 1865. Formerly the China Inland Mission and Overseas Missionary Fellowship.

Operation Mobilisation (Australia): Founded by George Verwer and had spread to Europe and India by 1963. Especially mobilises young people to take the gospel to other nations. Includes OM ships.

OM Ships International: Through OM ships' visits to many ports in many countries vast numbers of visitors on board have been provided with quality educational and Christian literature and opportunities to hear the gospel.

Perspectives on the World Christian Movement: A course that challenges Christians to be strategic as well as obedient with respect to involvement in God's mission.

Pioneers (Australia): Formed in 1997 when Asia Pacific Christian Mission, Sudan United Mission/Action Partners and South Seas Evangelical Mission joined together.

Power to Change (Australia): Works with university students, high school students, churches, families and film and sends mission teams to Asia. Formerly known as Life Ministries, Student Life (university ministry), etc.

Trans World Radio: Claims to be the world's largest evangelical media organisation, dating back to 1954. Culturally contextualised media content to reach listeners in their native languages.

WEC (Australia): Effectively founded by C.T. Studd, 1913.

Wycliffe Bible Translators (Australia): Founded In 1942 by William Cameron Townsend and named after John Wycliffe. Promotes activities encouraging the use of Scripture in the mother tongue, including Bible translation.

YWAM (Australia): Worldwide. Founded 1960. Train thousands of short-term missions volunteers each year.